[Update Jan 14, 2016] My first post

January 19, 2013

My presentation

Bonjour, I will begin by introducing myself. I recently graduated with a master's degree in engineering school called EPITA, a French computer science school.

ErrorMy passion for computer science was firstly a passion for web technologies. In my spare time, I learnt how to build static website in HTML & CSS by myself using different books and online tutorials. Little by little, I also wrote code in PHP and JavaScript in order to improve user experience.

During my schooling at EPITA, I learnt the basics of computer science like C, C++, Java, algorithms and data structures. In order to know how a system works, the best solution is to do by yourself. For example, I created a multi-client HTTP server (based on RFC 2616), a POSIX Bourne Shell (using SCL as the reference), a malloc implementation, a compiler, etc.

Currently, I focus on two programming languages: C++ and JavaScript. These two languages are changing a lot and it is very interesting to learn new patterns. At the same time, I also try to have a deeper knowledge in machine learning and computer vision.

Why I create this blog?

A Mac keyboardIn my opinion, computer science is primarily based on the sharing. So, through my posts, I want to share with you my knowledge and tricks. I will talk about programming because I love that and I have practiced for several years. Even though I still have many things to learn, I hope that could help someone.

Now, on one hand, you know a little more about me, on the other hand, why I want to create this blog. So, if you have any questions about this blog or about me, you can leave a comment below.

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